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Ep. 37: Banking Sector, Investing Books and Articles with Nate Tobik, Founder/CEO, and Author,

February 8, 2017

For this episode of Planet MicroCap Podcast, I spoke with Nate Tobik, Founder/CEO of and Author at I’d been following Nate’s blog for some time now and I reached out because one thing in particular that Nate covers on his blog that we haven’t discussed on here yet, is the banking sector. Also, I could relate to a lot of what Nate says in this interview, especially when we discuss reading investing books. It’s important not to feel discouraged when reading these books, rather, write down terms and phrases you don’t know, and look them up on Investopedia – that’s what I did. Quite frankly, I still do that. The goal for this episode is to learn more about the banking sector, not to get discouraged when first reading investing books and discuss a few investing phrases we’ve yet to cover until now.

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In this episode, Nate and I discuss the following topics:

- Nate's background and how he got started investing in MicroCap stocks

- Strategy when assessing a potential new investment

- What experience really helped shape his investing strategy

- Investing books

- An overview of the banking sector – regional banks, community banks, MicroCap companies in banking

- What about the banking sector is particularly interesting to Nate

- From the blog – one that I read from February last year that I found interesting was, “Is screening completely worthless?” Nate's thoughts on this

- How he finds new investing ideas

- Why doesn't he use "Watch Lists"?

- What does the phrase “dead money” mean?

- From his article this past November, when does he “give up” on a stock - what does that mean?

- His advice for new MicroCap investors

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