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Episode 11 - The Life of a Full-Time MicroCap Investor with Mike Schellinger,

November 10, 2015

For this episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast, I spoke with Mike Schellinger from I was very excited to interview Mike because, like his partner, Ian Cassel, who I interviewed in the first episode of the podcast, Mr. Schellinger is also a full-time MicroCap investor, and has a wealth of experience that prospective MicroCap investors can learn from. In this interview, we discuss how he started investing in MicroCaps, his experiences with failures and success, how he finds new investment ideas, as well as discuss some of his articles he’s written for the

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In this episode, Mike and I discuss the following topics:
- His background and how he got involved investing in MicroCaps
- Approach to investing in MicroCaps and due diligence process
- Has his investing methodology changed over the years?
- Most unusual place or source he discovered an investment idea
- What he's learned from his biggest wins and worst losses
- Discuss recent article on, titled, "Proposed Regulations for Retirement Accounts to Impact MicroCap Investors"
- Important values to MicroCap investing
- His advice for new MicroCap investors
- New developments at the MicroCapClub, including the announcement of the 1st Annual MicroCap Leadership Summit in Chicago, IL, on September 22-23, 2016, as well as the new subscriber option for
- What he sees going on right now in the MicroCaps
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