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Episode 14 - “Information Arbitrage” and MicroCap Investing with Maj Soueidan,

December 31, 2015

For this episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast, I spoke with Maj Soueidan from I met Maj at a conference recently and we had a great conversation about this concept that I wanted to learn more about: “Information Arbitrage.” On the program, we’ve talked about the importance of doing your due diligence, which includes reading an issuer’s press releases, SEC Filings, etc…, including where to find all of this information, as well as why understanding this material to the best of your ability, can help you gain an edge when investing. In this interview, Maj stresses the importance of reacting to and finding public information before other market participants. In addition to learning more about “Information Arbitrage,” we also discuss his research techniques, the difference between value stocks and growth stocks, and of course, I ask for his advice for new MicroCap investors.

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In this episode, Maj and I discuss the following topics:

- Maj's background

- How Maj started investing in MicroCaps, and why did he stick with it

- Idea of “Information Arbitrage” - what this means and how does this relate to MicroCap stocks

- Maj's research techniques when looking at MicroCap stocks

- How he defines “proper due diligence”

- The difference between MicroCap value stocks and growth stocks

- The key, in his opinion, to long term investor success in MicroCap stocks

- In his experience, what was the biggest, or at least, most lasting lesson he's learned from investing in MicroCap stocks

- Advice would you give to new MicroCap investors?

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