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Episode 16 - Investing in Healthcare MicroCap Stocks PART 2: Analysis with Jason Napodano, BioNap, Inc.

February 4, 2016

For this episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast, we’re picking up where we left off from my PART 1 conversation with Jason Napodano from BioNap, Inc. In PART 2, we talk about what Jason looks for when analyzing healthcare MicroCap stocks, “his 5 C’s of investing in biotechs”, what he’s learned the most from in his experiences investing, and resources he uses to find new potential investing ideas.

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In this episode, Jason and I discuss the following topics:
- Jason's background and how he got started in the business
- What characteristics should investors look out for in healthcare MicroCap stocks
- "The 5 C's" - criteria he takes into consideration when looking at a potential investment in a healthcare MicroCap company
- What he's learned from his experience investing in healthcare
- Resources he uses that help him doing research, due diligence, and finding new potential investing ideas
- Advice for new MicroCap investors looking at the healthcare industry
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