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Episode 21 - The Cyclical Nature of Investing in Resources with Rick Rule, Sprott U.S. Holdings, Inc.

June 14, 2016

For this episode of the PlanetMicroCap Podcast, I spoke with Rick Rule, President and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings, Inc. Rick Rule has dedicated his entire life to natural resource securities investing, and is one of the more sought after speakers and leading thinkers in natural resources and mining. I’ve seen him speak at many conferences to packed rooms, and let me tell you, when he speaks, people listen. I have wanted to speak with him since starting this podcast, so I feel quite privileged that he was able to carve out some time to do this. I felt that he was the natural resource, pardon the pun, to discuss the cyclical nature of resources. Roughly being able to predict where we are in any given cycle, while difficult, can provide an edge when looking at investing in microcap resource companies. In this interview, Rick provides an overview to understand when these peaks and valleys can and do happen, and their characteristics.

The goal for this episode is to learn about the cyclical nature of the resource market, in his opinion, where we are currently at in the cycle, and his advice for aspiring MicroCap Investors looking at the resource sector.  

You might also be interested in joining Rick and his team as they will be hosting the Sprott Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium at the Fairmont Hotel inVancouver, BC, July 26th to the 29th. You can register to attend at or go to under,“Upcoming Events”. Also, at the end of the interview, Rick makes a very special offer that you may want to take advantage of.

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In this episode, Rick and I discuss the following topics:

- Rick's background and how he got into Natural Resources

- How many cycles he has been through in your lifetime thus far

- In this currentmarket, what he is looking for. 

- When he believes is the righttime to start looking at MicroCaps in the resource sector

- Consolidationof exploration MicroCap companies 

- The strong dollarand increasing interest rates are pressuring precious metals prices, when willthis trend reverse?

- Why shouldinvestors buy MicroCap producers when major named producers seem undervalued?

- Gold had a recentrun up and then corrected, several analysts predicted that would happen. Is thecorrection near over? Is this correction really a buy signal?

- In the last article for the MicroCap Review, he stated, “Value-oriented clients willprobably be able to buy the best names in the middle of 2016.” We’re just aboutthere – are we on target?

- His advice for aspiring MicroCap investors looking at theresource sector

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