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Episode 23 - MicroCaps Value Uncovered: White Paper with Donald Porter, DGHM & Co.

July 13, 2016

For this episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast, I spoke with Donald Porter, Senior Vice President at DGHM & Co. I met Donald a couple months ago, and we were talking about how his firm was working on a white paper talking about MicroCap stocks. I followed up with him and he sent it over. The white paper is titled, “MicroCaps Value Uncovered,” and I thought, rather than dissecting the paper myself, why not invite Donald onto the podcast to explain the firm’s thesis.

And furthermore, as the first line of the thesis states, “The world of microcap stocks is an exciting, vast and rich place to allocate capital.” That got my attention and I wanted to hear more, so here we go.

The goal for this episode is to learn about the opportunities when investing in MicroCap Stocks, according to DGHM & Co., what makes MicroCap stocks interesting today relative to other asset classes, and an understanding of MicroCap stocks as compared to large caps.

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In this episode, Donald and I discuss the following topics: 

- Mr. Porter's background, and you were introduced to investing in MicroCap stocks.

- Motivation for why DGHM, recently put out a white paper, titled, “MicroCaps: Value Uncovered”

- According to the paper, why MicroCaps beat large caps over the long term

- The difference between value Microcap stocks vs. growth microcap stocks and why this is important to understand

- In the paper, it states, “passive investment in microcaps has not been successful," he explains what this means

- Why the liquidity risk premium is a driving factor for microcap performance

- What are some other characteristics that make MicroCap investing attractive

- What are the parallels with Microcap vs. Private Equity and what is the fundamental difference when owning a microcap vs. shares in a private company in one’s portfolio

- What makes MicroCap stocks interesting today relative to other asset classes

-  In summary, the key points Donald would like our audience to take away from reading the white paper

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