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Episode 24 - Understanding How to Value a MicroCap Stock with Sam Namiri, Grand Slam Asset Management

July 26, 2016

For this episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast, I spoke with Sam Namiri, Associate at Grand Slam Asset Management. I’ve met Sam at many MicroCap conferences over the years, and we would exchange ideas about what is going in the MicroCap market. I thought it would be informative to do an interview with Sam and share with all of you what I’ve learned in my conversations with him. In this interview, we discuss Sam’s MicroCap investing strategy and how that’s evolved since he started at lunch-time in high school. Specifically, what I thought was very interesting for this interview and the goal for this episode is to understand how to value a MicroCap stock, according to Sam.

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In this episode, Sam and I discuss the following topics: 

- Sam's background and how did he got into MicroCaps

- How Sam goes about investing in MicroCap stocks - his investing strategy

- What a quality MicroCap company according to Sam

- Timing – how do you know when to buy, sell or hold

- On the podcast, most of guests recommend to sell when something fundamental about the company changes – messaging, management or business model – how Sam measures that and how he assesses if a fundamental change in the company will result in something worse or better

- How he assesses a quality business model

- What is a financial model and why is that important when doing due diligence

- What is a value investor and why is that philosophy making a come back of sorts?

- What experience did he learn the most from

- His advice for new MicroCap investors

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