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Episode 28 - What is an ‘Intelligent Fanatic’ with Sean Iddings, Co-Author of “Intelligent Fanatics Project”

September 28, 2016

I wanted to start off this episode by thanking Ian Cassel and Mike Schellinger for inviting me to the MicroCap Leadership Summit. It was a fantastic event, where I met so many of you who listen to each and every episode. I have to say, it was a huge thrill for me to be recognized finally for not having the same name as the owner of the New England Patriots. But in all seriousness, thank you so much for listening and I was quite humbled by your kind words. If you like what you hear, I ask that you leave a review on iTunes so that more investors can learn about the world of MicroCap stocks.

Now, back to business - for this episode of Planet MicroCap, I spoke with Sean Iddings, Co-Author of the book, “Intelligent Fanatics Project.” Sean co-wrote the book with my Episode 1 guest, Ian Cassel, and its purpose is to show how great leaders build sustainable businesses. Why is this important and how does it correlate to MicroCap investing? In almost every episode, we discuss the importance of management and the CEO; these are the teams and individuals that we are betting on. The “Intelligent Fanatics Project” highlights 8 managers who have turned small businesses into very large ones. As Ian says in the preface to the book, “All great companies started as small companies, and intelligent fanatics founded most great companies.”

The goal for this interview is to learn about “Intelligent Fanatics”, look for the common elements that these leaders have, and what we can learn from them to become better MicroCap investors, business people and entrepreneurs.  

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In this episode, Sean and I discuss the following topics: 

- Sean's background and how he got into MicroCap investing

- What is the "Intelligent Fanatics Project"

- What is an "Intelligent Fanatic" and an example from the book

- How to identify an "Intelligent Fanatic". What are their qualities?

- How "Intelligent Fanatics" relates to MicroCap stock investing. What is the correlation?

- When assessing if a MicroCap company may have an "Intelligent Fanatic" running the ship, is it an all or nothing thing? 

- Can you still find a good company to invest in that's not being run by an "Intelligent Fanatic"? 

- According to his research, what is the blueprint for building dominant, sustainable businesses

- Sean's hope for every one who reads "Intelligent Fanatics Project"

- An example from Sean's personal experience encountering or investing in a MicroCap run by an "Intelligent Fanatic"

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