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Episode 7 - Commodity Futures Market Roundtable with Mark Shore (Shore Capital Research) and Shelly Kraft (

September 17, 2015

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! We're back with Episode 7 of the Planet MicroCap Podcast. For this episode, we're talking about the Commodity Futures Market - what this means and how it correlates to MicroCap-related businesses. To help me out, I enlisted the help of, not one, but two guests: Mark Shore, Founder of Shore Capital Research, and Shelly Kraft, Founder/CEO of 

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In this episode, our guests and I cover the following topics:
  • What is the Commodity Futures Market?
  • How do you buy and sell futures?
  • Is there a correlation between the Commodity Futures Market and MicroCaps?
  • What is the intrinsic relationship between the Commodity Futures Market and MicroCaps?
  • How can understand the Commodity Futures Market help you when analyzing MicroCap stocks?
  • How the Commodity Futures Market works
  • Examples, experiences trading on the Commodity Futures Market
  • History of the Chicago Board of Trade
  • Where to find more information about the Commodity Futures Market
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  • Follow Mark on Twitter @Shorecap
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