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Episode 9 - Importance of Communications Tools for MicroCap Companies with Bradley Smith, PR Newswire/Vintage Group

October 13, 2015

For this episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast, I wanted to learn more about the importance of different communications tools that MicroCap companies use on a regular basis. There's many communications tools that MicroCap companies use to communicate their stories. Some are required, some are not. But, If you’ve ever done research on a public company and looked at the company’s news feed on Yahoo Finance or, you’ve probably read one of the following: a press release, an SEC Filing, XBRL filing, or an Edgar or SEDAR Filing. These are tools that public companies use to communicate their corporate messages. I want to understand these tools a little better because, besides when management talks to media like,, its these documents that will help you and I know what a public company is currently up to. And when it comes to MicroCap stocks – transparency and information is incredibly valuable.

To help me with this task, I spoke with Bradley Smith, Director of Marketing, Investor Relations and Regulatory Compliance Services for PR Newswire and Vintage Group, a global provider of corporate communications tools and services, enabling marketers to distribute: press releases, SEC Filings, Edgar Filings, XBRL, and more. 

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In this episode, Mr. Smith and I discuss the following topics:

- Who is PR Newswire/Vintage Group? What does the company do?

- Companies are required by regulatory authorities to provide the public with specific current events, material changes, and compliance oriented information, explain the business relationship public companies should have with their information service providers.

- What constitutes when information is public? When the company sends it to PR Newswire or when say Yahoo finance publishes it?

- What are Press Releases, XBRL tagging and filing, SEC Filings, Edgar Filings, and SEDAR Filings

- What’s the difference between Press Releases and SEC Filings?

- Why do all public companies, including MicroCaps, have to disseminate, report and distribute their information and press releases?

- As a MicroCap investor, why should we pay attention to all of these various documents?

- Before the Internet, how did investors, or anyone for that matter, access this information?

- Where can we find this information?

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