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The Investors Roundtable #15: Sectors and Industries with High TAM, Revenue Growth, GPM and OPM

December 11, 2020

In this Episode of The Investors Roundtable (Episode 15!), our topic we discuss is: What sectors and industries are uniquely positioned that have high TAM, and ability to grow revenues, GPM and OPM faster with increasing cash flows? And, vice versa? And why? In a nutshell, discussion on sectors and industries that are burgeoning and suffering, and why.

Most importantly, a challenge was accepted - if we get Kevin Shea's Twitter handle @thegoodprick up to 500 followers, he will do a TikTok dance challenge. This is necessary content that we all thought we didn't need, but really want to see. Let's make it happen. Follow Kevin here:

***ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON October 9, 2020 on the SNN Network YouTube Channel***

Joining us today was:

Steven Kiel, Willow Oak Asset Management / Arquitos Capital



Kelvin Seetoh, Slingshot Capital


Kevin Shea, Full-time Private Investor/MicroCapClub Contributor