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The Investors Roundtable #18: Where Do We Go From Here: Macroeconomics, Fed Policy, Debt, Inflation

December 19, 2020

For Episode 18 of The Investors Roundtable, we thought we would take stock of where are economy is right now, as best we can. With the election coming up this week, our panel describe where the nation is currently at economically, as well as provide some historical perspective with other republics, nations, societies in similar economic circumstances. From there, Adrian and Gary discuss various scenarios - what various outcomes of the election could mean, current fed policy impacts, and much more. If you want a lesson on economic history and some opinions on where do we go from here, tune in. Please enjoy!

***ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON October 30, 2020 on the SNN Network YouTube Channel***

Joining us today was:

Adrian Day, Adrian Day Asset Management


Gary Ribe, Accretive Wealth Partners