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Episode 1 - Ian Cassel, MicroCapClub: So you want to be a MicroCap Investor?

Episode 1 - Ian Cassel, MicroCapClub: So you want to be a MicroCap Investor?

July 28, 2015

Hello everyone!

We're excited to publish the first episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast. The Planet MicroCap Podcast is an informational and educational tool helping the next generation of investors learn more about investing in MicroCap stocks – a publicly traded company that has a market capitalization under $300 Million; the smaller the market capitalization, the riskier the investment and the greater the potential returns. 

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In this episode, our host, Robert Kraft, spoke with Ian Cassel, Founder of the and full-time MicroCap investor. They covered the following topics:

- Introduction to investing in MicroCap stocks
- What is a MicroCap company/stock?
- Investing in MicroCaps for Millennials
- Why the MicroCap space is unique
- Mr. Cassel's experience investing in MicroCaps
- Quantitative and Qualitative due diligence
- How to find information on MicroCaps to do your due diligence
- Importance of great management in a MicroCap company
- Suggested reading for beginning investors
- New subscriber option for

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