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Ep. 76 - Trends in MicroCaps for 2018 and What to Expect at LD Micro “Main Event” with Chris Lahiji, LD Micro

November 14, 2018

For this episode of Planet MicroCap Podcast, I caught up with Chris Lahiji, President of LD Micro. Every year, the MicroCap investing universe gathers together during the first week of December in Los Angeles to check in with portfolio companies, look for new opportunities, as well as commemorate, celebrate and network. This year is Chris’ 11th annual LD Micro “Main Event” and I would consider the event an institution in our space. We always look forward to each and every year, and will be there in person, so be sure to say hi!

Because we are close to the end of 2018, I also wanted to get Chris’ thoughts on 2018: trends he recognized, highlights, lowlights and he even proposes some structural changes he thinks would incentivize more companies to go public, a common topic discussed for those covering the space.

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