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Ep. 109 - Boring is Beautiful with Brent Beshore, Founder and CEO of Permanent Equity

February 26, 2020

For this episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast, I spoke with Brent Beshore, Founder and CEO of Permanent Equity. I’ve been a big fan of Brent’s work for years now, from the success of, now called Permanent Equity, to his philosophy on business, investing, people and life, which he’s been kind of enough to share on many of mine and most of your favorite podcasts over the years, as well as through his investor letters and essays.

I was fortunate enough to see him speak at the MicroCapClub Leadership Summit – shout out to Ian and Mike and a great event, everyone should register for 2020, where he was interviewed by Morgan Housel – I provided the link in the description. So, I was really stoked when he agreed to be interviewed by someone like me was quite humbling.

Link to interview:

In this interview, we cover a lot: his background, name change to Permanent Equity, how Permanent Equity’s approach is different from typical private equity models, why Boring is Beautiful and much more.

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