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Ep. 194 - Long-Term, Conviction Investing in Global, Small-Cap Companies with Jon Cukierwar, Founder of Sohra Peak Capital Partners

September 29, 2021

For this episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast, I spoke with Jon Cukierwar. He is the Founder of Sohra Peak Capital Partners. I recently met Jon at one of our virtual events, and as a fellow millennial passionate about Small-, Micro-Cap stocks, I had to invite him on. Jon recently launched Sohra Peak Capital this Summer with an investment process that focuses on his own 21-point proprietary investment framework. His background and passion led to what sets him and Sohra Peak apart: finding inefficiencies in Small-Caps, looking globally with a long-term time horizon. I really enjoy featuring new, emerging fund managers on the pod, and based on Jon's background, passion and clear focus, he's one to watch for sure.  

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