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Ep. 77 - Illiquidity and Finding Value on the OTC Markets with Doug Mohn,

November 22, 2018

For this episode of Planet MicroCap Podcast, I spoke with Doug Mohn, Editor of I met Doug recently at the MicroCap Leadership Summit in Chicago, and I enjoyed getting to know him, as well as hearing his experiences regarding investing in MicroCap stocks. What is interesting about our conversation you’re about to hear is that, unlike most investors, Doug doesn’t mind illiquidity – in fact, finding revenue generating companies listed on the Pink Sheets is part of his criteria. Like most of the interviews you’ve heard on here, most of guests have said in one degree or another that there’s a natural edge when investing in MicroCap stocks because most institutions can’t and won’t get involved until these businesses mature. I would argue that Doug takes this notion a step further by looking at illiquid stocks that generate revenues on the Pink Sheets – most retail investors don’t start there. The goal for this interview is to learn more about Doug’s investing strategy and his journey looking for winners on the Pink Sheets.

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