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Ep. 90 - MicroCap Graduation Series: eXp World Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: EXPI)

June 26, 2019

For this episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast, we are launching a new series here called, the “MicroCap Graduation Series”. I’ve done about 90 interviews here on the podcast, and I’ve interviewed some of the best investors, where they discuss the investing strategies that helped them be successful investors. The next evolution I always envisioned for Planet MicroCap was to interview CEO’s who have successfully navigated the MicroCap waters to either be acquired by or graduate to a Small-, Mid- or Large-Cap company.

The goal is to portray a full picture of the Micro-, Nano-cap space – from learning strategies to help you become a successful investor and to show that there are actual real, live public companies that have found success as a public Micro- or Nano-cap company. There also may be some of you listening to this that are CEOs or C-suite management of a Micro/Nano-cap public company or emerging growth private company; my guest today and future guests of this series have a lot of great information to share that led to their success.

Without further or due, my first guest for this series is Glenn Sanford, Founder and CEO of eXp World Holdings, Inc. They are a publicly traded company on NASDAQ, with the symbol, EXPI. As a quick background, eXp World Holdings, Inc. operates eXp Realty, a cloud-based, international real estate brokerage firm. eXp is one of the fastest growing real estate brands in North America that currently has 18,000+ agents/brokers on their platform. They are tech company that from 2014-2018, EXPI’s revenue experienced a 147% CAGR. All numbers I’m relaying here are from EXPI’s May 2019 investor presentation.

The company went public in late 2013 as a small MicroCap, where it traded as low at $0.15 during 2014, and as of today, June 25, 2019 is trading at $10.77 per share, with a market cap of around $664 million. I derived share and market cap information from Yahoo Finance.

For full disclosure, SNN Incorporated or myself are not shareholders of EXPI. This interview is for information purposes only and recommend you do your own due diligence prior to making any investment decision.

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