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Episode 17 - How to Analyze the Junior Mining Sector with Brent Cook, Exploration Insights

February 25, 2016

For this episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast, I spoke with Brent Cook from Exploration Insights. One of the first conferences I went to since joining the business was a mining and resources conference back in 2011 and 2012 during the natural resources bull market. During that time, I was meeting a lot of experts in the field, and the one person I gravitated towards most was my guest on today’s show, Brent Cook. Geology is not an exact science, and picking the right company that has a promising resource can be difficult. It helps learning from geologists who analyze and look at these rocks on a daily basis. Brent has been in the business for a long time and has seen a lot of rocks.

The goal for this episode is to get a general understanding of the mining and junior mining sector, the business itself, opportunities when investing in junior mining companies, his criteria, tips to analyzing mining results and PEA’s, and more.

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In this episode, Brent and I discuss the following topics:

- His background and how he got into the mining and junior mining space

- Overview of the junior mining sector. Why is space important and why he is so focused here?

- How the business of mining, natural resources work. Brief history on the significance of metals as both a currency and industrial good

- Cyclical nature of resources industry

- His advice for those who don’t have that geology background

 Describes the opportunities when investing in junior mining companies. Different stages for these companies

- His criteria when looking at a potential investment in a junior mining microcap company

- Tips to analyzing mining results and PEA’s

- Characteristics should beginning investors look out for in mining management - both positive and negative

What investing experience he learned from the most

- Resources that helps him when doing research and due diligence

- Advice for new MicroCap investors looking at mining and junior mining industry

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