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Episode 19 - JOBS Act: Reg. A+ and Equity Crowdfunding Explained with David Weild, Weild & Co.

April 28, 2016

For this episode of the PlanetMicroCap Podcast, I spoke with David Weild from Weild & Co. Reg. A+ and equity crowdfunding have been in the news quite a bit recently, especially since the first ever Reg. A+ deal, Elio Motors, got funded and went public on OTC Markets. This new alternative financing option did not happen overnight, it’s been in the works for quite a while, and although it’s still very early, there could be opportunity to invest in exciting new companies using this vehicle.But, it was unclear to me how it all works. I thought, who better to explain this topic than the Father of the JOBS Act himself, David Weild.

The goal for this episode is to learn about Reg. A+, equity crowdfunding, how this type of financing is changing the landscape of raising capital for emerging growth companies, and what investors should understand about these types of deals.

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In this episode, David and I discuss the following topics:

- His background and how he became known as the, "Father of the JOBS Act"

- History and explanation the JOBS Act, Reg. A+, Equity Crowdfunding?

- Importance in understanding this new type of financing for emerging growth companies

- Why we're still in the "Early Innings"

- What to look out for as an investor

- Conversion: how companies convert indications of interest to investment

- Crowdfunding portals: what is their necessity?

- How investors participate in Reg. A+ deals

- Is it easier to market a Reg. A+ deal than an IPO?

- Due diligence process on Reg. A+ deals

- Disclosure requirements

- How are Reg. A+ deals priced to investors and then in the aftermarket? Who prices the deals?

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