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Episode 25 - MicroCap Stocks, OTC Markets and Reg A+ with Cromwell Coulson, President and CEO of OTC Markets Group, Inc.

August 10, 2016

For this episode of the PlanetMicroCap Podcast, I spoke with Cromwell Coulson, President and CEO of OTCMarkets Group, Inc., which is a publicly traded company, ticker symbol OTCM onthe OTCQX. For full disclosure, I am not a shareholder. On past episodes, I’vedone individual interviews that covered OTC Markets, Reg. A+ and the JOBS Act,and now, I wanted to interview someone who could bring all of that together forme in context of MicroCap stocks. What is the intrinsic relationship betweenall three of these concepts? Cromwell Coulson, in my opinion, has been at theforefront of bringing this all together.

The goal for this interview is toexplore this relationship of Reg. A+, OTC Markets and MicroCap Stocks, and howinvestors should understand these three concepts as a whole.

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In this episode, Cromwell and I discuss the following topics: 

- Mr. Coulson's background

- Why did you start OTC Markets?

- The relationship between Reg A+, OTCMarkets and MicroCap stocks

- The role he sees OTC Markets performingin Reg A+

- How OTC Markets helps Reg A+ issuers listedon OTC Markets with liquidity and market support

- Is OTC Markets more user-friendly for Reg A+issuers than NASDAQ or the NYSE?

-  Some concerns raised to you aboutReg A+ issuers listing on OTC Markets and how he answers them

- ELIO is the Reg A+ success story so far and they chose tolist on the OTC Markets. Why he thinks the Reg A+ acceptance or adoptionrate by investors is slower than expected and why aren’t more deals getting done

- What he thinks are the pros and cons of RegA+

- What he thinks is the most misunderstood details about OTC Markets?

- How investors should look at the relationship between Reg A+, MicroCaps and OTCMarkets as a whole

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