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Episode 3 - Trent Woloveck, American Cannabis Company: The Marijuana Industry

August 11, 2015

The Marijuana Industry is the topic for this week's episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast. In recent years, medical marijuana and marijuana for recreational use has been getting a lot press with many startup and MicroCap companies looking to profit from this burgeoning industry - across all sectors: service providers, technology, consumer goods, and healthcare. In Episode 3, our host spoke with Trent Woloveck, Chief Operating Officer of American Cannabis Company, Inc. (

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In this episode, our host, Robert Kraft, and guest, Trent Woloveck, covered the following topics:
  • Overview of American Cannabis Company and how they help Canna-entrepreneurs
  • Current federal regulations on Marijuana and Medical Marijuana programs
  • CARERS Act of 2015
  • Investing in Cannabis
  • First thoughts on 2016 Presidential Election and how that may affect Marijuana legislation
  • Discuss different businesses within the Marijuana Industry: technology, services, etc...
  • History of American Cannabis Company
  • Advancements in Medical Marijuana - focus on Cannabinoids and Oil-based Extracts
  • Catalysts for Growth in Marijuana Industry
  • You can follow American Cannabis Company @CannabizConsult
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