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Episode 35 - Investing Pitfalls to Avoid, Searching for Gold in SEC Filings and 2017 with Mike Schellinger,

January 11, 2017

For this episode of Planet MicroCap Podcast, I caught up with my guest from Episode 11, Mike Schellinger from When we first spoke, we discussed his life as a full-time MicroCap investor, as well as his approach to MicroCap investing. In this interview, I wanted to get his insight on 2017 – trends to look out for this year and how the recent election may affect the MicroCap space. But more importantly, he’s one the main contributors to, and he wrote two articles that I wanted to cover at length in this interview: “Investing Pitfalls to Avoid,” and “Searching for Gold in SEC Filings”. The goal for this episode is to learn about what Mike believes investors should look out for when looking at MicroCap stocks, as well as how he finds “gold” in SEC Filings and what that means.

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In this episode, Mike and I discuss the following topics:

- For those who missed our first interview, Mike's background and how he got into investing in MicroCaps

- We are now in 2017, what are some themes to look out for in MicroCaps for 2017

- Was there anything that happened in 2016 that he thinks may have an affect on the MicroCap space in 2017

- Big election year, what effects could a Trump presidency have on the MicroCap space

- Its been a while since Mike and I spoke and he's published a few very interesting articles on From his article, "Investing Pitfalls to Avoid", what he doesn't want in an investment

- Based on his article, "Searching for Gold in SEC Filings", what are some of the positive and negative items we should look for in SEC Filings?

- One thing that's been said a couple times on the podcast and I was curious to ask Mike about - where are the new names in MicroCaps? 

- How have things progressed at the MicroCapClub? Trends in MicroCap that Mike has observed while maintaining the site

- What are the dates for next year's MicroCap Leadership Summit and where can my audience go to buy their ticket? 

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