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Episode 36 - Why MicroCap Stocks? with Scott Felsenthal and Todd Massedge,

January 25, 2017

For this episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast, I spoke with Scott Felsenthal and Todd Massedge to discuss their project, Since speaking with Scott on Episode 10, he has partnered up with Todd to create to, as they say, “do their part in helping to bridge the gap between the reality and the perception of microcaps.” The goal for this podcast is to answer the question Why MicroCaps, and then discuss a few of their educational articles featured on their blog roll.

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In this episode, Scott, Todd and I discuss the following topics:

- Scott and Todd's backgrounds and how they got their start investing in MicroCap stocks

- What is 

- Why they think investors should care about MicroCap stocks

- What they mean when they state, “You can invest where the best and brightest on Wall Street can’t”

- What can we learn from investing in MicroCap stocks?

- Should investors interested in MicroCaps be concerned about the time commitment it takes to find that next multi-bagger?

- Concentration vs. diversification

- Why are our worst investments the most important, according to an article from the website?

- Lessons they have learned investing in MicroCap stocks

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