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The Investors Roundtable #17: Can Cultural Moats Exist in the Age of Physical Separation?

December 18, 2020

In Episode 17 of The Investors Roundtable, we take a topic that's been discussed on here a bit further: Moats. For this conversation, we try to make sense of: 1. Do cultural moats exist (first off), 2. Do cultural moats result in greater value accretion for shareholders, 3. What does corporate culture in the age of physical separation look like, and lastly, 4. Can companies create a cultural moat as the world is going more and more digital/globalized/work from home. Please enjoy!

***ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON October 23, 2020 on the SNN Network YouTube Channel***

Joining us today was:

Sam Namiri, Ridgewood Investments



Kevin Shea, Full-time Private Investor/MicroCapClub Contributor