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The Investors Roundtable #25: How Do We Value SaaS Companies? (Part 1 of many probably)

January 22, 2021

For this episode of The Investors Roundtable (#25), we starting what I'm calling our valuation series, where we are going to look at various business models, industries, asset classes and do our to understand current valuations. First up, and this could probably be a series onto itself, are SaaS businesses. Our panel here discusses: why do investors like SaaS modeled companies, are SaaS models more or less 'predictable' and we close out trying to figure out if we were to take a SaaS business public tomorrow and get the fattest valuation, what type of SaaS business would it be. Please enjoy!

***ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON December 18, 2020 on the SNN Network YouTube Channel***

Joining us today was:

Steven Kiel, Willow Oak Asset Management / Arquitos Capital



Kelvin Seetoh, Slingshot Capital


Kevin Shea, Full-time Private Investor/MicroCapClub Contributor