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The Investors Roundtable #8: Everything You Want to Know About Being a MicroCap Board Director

November 17, 2020

In Episode 8, we are joined by panelists that all happen to board directors on public, MicroCap boards. We thought it would be fun to dive deep into that topic: what that experience has been like, what they didn't know as investors and how being a board director made them better investors. We close out the interview with quick takes on Q2 2020 earnings that are starting to trickle in.

***ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON August 14, 2020 on the SNN Network YouTube Channel***

Joining us today was:

Scott Felsenthal, Private Business Owner, Private Investor and MicroCap Board Director


Steven Kiel, Willow Oak Asset Management / Arquitos Capital



Kevin Shea, Full-time Private Investor/MicroCapClub Contributor